Patterns of clinical progression of acute ascending varicophlebitis in patients with undifferentiated connective-tissue dysplasia

The characteristics of clinical progression were surveyed as well as phenotypic characters of undifferentiated connectivetissue dysplasia (UCTD) in 94 patients with acute varicophlebitis (AVP). 70 (74,5 %) patients have more than four phenotypic characters UCTD. 22 (31,4 %) AVP patients with UCTD according to the duplex sonography (DS)
have the discrepancy of AVP clinical manifestations localization and the level of the blood clot proximal part in the lumen of the great saphenous vein (GSV). The received results show that the research of UCTD phenotypic characters allows selecting a group of patients with a high chance of AVP clinical manifestations discrepancy and the proximal part of a blood clot in GSV.