Efficiency of prevention of preeclampsia and placental deficiency

The goal of the research is evaluation of efficiency of methods of preeclampsia and placental deficiency prevention using the methodological standards of evidence-based medicine.
Using the predictive preventive personalized approach, 373 pregnant women of the high risk group of severe forms of placental deficiency and preeclampsia had prevention of fetomaternal disease with small doses of acetosalic acid, magnesium, preventive carbogenes therapy, gradual application of gestagen dydrogesterone and angioprotectora-diosmine. Taking into account gestational and perinatal outcomes, efficiency standards of evidencebased medicine were defined (Relative risk reduction, Absolute risk reduction, NNT, OR), they allowed to specify ranks for approved prevention methods. The research showed a possibility of unified approach towards prevention of preeclampsia and severe forms of placental deficiency.