Information systems in medical department workflow

Medical information systems (MIS) can be used to provide optimal treatment, conducting researches, retrospective studies, and in management technologies. Medical information systems can identify the patients who require periodic screening and other medical activities, remind physicians about the necessity to perform these activities at the next patient’s visit. Information systems can help to conduct such researches identifying the patients to be monitored and offering the necessary procedures to be performed during the patients’ visit at a medical facility. Retrospective studies can provide answers to the
researcher’s questions over a particular period of time. They can help to select a study group and a control group, as well as to perform statistical analysis required for comparison of these two groups. Medical information systems can provide information on the relationship between diagnoses, indexes of diseases severity, and resource consumption. Therefore, MIS is an important tool for those administrators who try to make informed decisions about in the health care sector which is currently very sensitive in economic field.