The organization of specialized neurosurgery care to scull injured during military operations under conditions of mountain and gaunt landscape and hot climate of Afghanistan

(By working experience as chief of neurosurgery department of Tashkent district military hospital named after P.F. Borovskii — Neurosergeon-in-chief of Red bannered Turkestan military region) The article discusses questions of organization healthcare delivery at evacuation chain during military operations in Afghanistan to 450 patients with skull injuries representing 5,8 percent of total patient number. Multiple and combined injuries took place at 52,6 % of cases, complicated by shock – 32,6 % of cases.
Peculiarities of the healthcare delivery in mountain and gaunt landscape under exposure of modern shells and severe environmental conditions are shown. Necessity of aeromedical transportation was proved in order to shorten time of wounded delivery to chain and to improve treatment results. Nominally the whole treatment process is divided into 3 periods, either of which differs by improvement of neurosurgical care delivery. The idea of reasonability of various medical care forms at chain in relation to particular battlefield is introduced.