Influence of psychological personality traits of elderly patients on the incidence, severity and dynamics of coronary heart disease

Research of the relationship between the characteristics of psychological portrait of elderly patients by Cattell, coronary heart disease (CHD), the dynamics and the level of stress hormones in the blood allowed to distinguish three psycho types. Stress hormones, depending on the characteristics of psychological status of patients indirectly cause a peculiar form of reaction to stress, contributing to formation of some circulatory disease, particularly coronary heart disease. All cases of painful forms of ischemic heart disease among I
type representatives manifest stable effort angina, in II psycho – most painless form of myocardial infarction, which in most cases takes the form of Q-wave myocardial infarction. Alcohol plays an important role in the development of CHD. Accompanying CHD depression, being a reflection of violations of stress hormones proportion, can be considered as a marker of unfavourable flow of cardiovascular disease.