Histostructural organization of the lower uterus segment wall in rabbits

The histological structure of a lower uterus segment in rabbits was determined using the methods of light microscopy. It was established that the walls of right and left uterine horns fuse forming a neck and a body; their cavities remain separated from each other by a thin septum and open into the vagina with two separate holes. The area of the medial walls juncture is characterized by joining of perimetry and suprachoroid layer of myometrium. The data obtained can be used for preparation of the relevant sections of informational and educational materials for the subdisciplines of evolutionary, functional,
comparative and species morphology and reproductive biology. Conducted histological study revealed that despite the general-type uterus, small and large rodents have significant differences between each other mostly in the structure of the lower uterus segment at the boundary of internal and external orifices.