Correspondence of categories/sections of journal to Nomenclature of scientific specialties on Award of Scientific Degrees and Ranks.


Item number

Name of category/section of reviewed scientific publication

Branches of knowledge and/or groups of  scientific specialties in accordance with Nomenclature of scientific specialties on Award of Scientific Degrees and Ranks


Morphology. Pathology.

06.02.01 Diagnostics and therapy of animals diseases, pathology, oncology and    morphology of animals (Veterinarian and biological sciences)

 14.03.01 Human anatomy (Medical and biological sciences)

 14.03.02 Pathoanatomy (Medical and biological sciences)


Clinical medicine

14.01.01 Obstetrics and gynaecology (Medical sciences)

 14.01.02 Endocrinology (Medical and biological sciences)

 14.01.03 Ear, nose, throat diseases (Medical sciences)

14.01.04 Internal diseases (Medical sciences)

14.01.05 Cardiology (Medical and biological sciences)

14.01.06 Psychiatry (Medical sciences)

14.01.07 Ophthalmic diseases (Medical sciences)

14.01.08 Pediatrics (Medical sciences)

14.01.09 Infectious diseases (Medical sciences)(as revised by Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation Order of 11.08.2009 №294)

14.01.10 Skin and venereal diseases (Medical sciences)

14.01.11 Nervous diseases (Medical sciences)

14.01.12 Oncology (Medical and biological sciences)

14.01.13 Radiodiagnosis, radiotherapy (Medical sciences)

14.01.14 Stomatology (Medical sciences)

14.01.15 Traumatology and orthopedics (Medical sciences)

14.01.16 Phthisiology (Medical sciences)

14.01.17 Surgery (Medical sciences)

14.01.18 Neurosurgery (Medical sciences)

14.01.19 Pediatric surgery (Medical sciences)

14.01.20 Anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine (Medical sciences)

14.01.21 Hematology and blood transfusion (Medical and biological sciences)

14.01.22 Rheumatology (Medical sciences)

14.01.23 Urology (Medical sciences)

4.01.24 Transplantology and artificial organs (Medical, technical and biological sciences)

14.01.25 Pulmonology (Medical sciences)

 14.01.26 Cardiovascular surgery (Medical sciences)

14.01.27 Narcology (Medical and biological sciences)

14.01.28 Gastroenterology (Medical sciences)

14.01.29 Nephrology (Medical sciences)

 14.01.30 Gerontology and geriatrics (Medical and biological sciences)



03.03.01 Physiology (Biological, veterinarian and medical sciences)


Public health and healthcare service

14.02.03 Public health and healthcare service (Medical sciences)