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The influence of some types of hipertrophia of posterior veil of the soft palate and uvula on snoring

In this article the clinic-pathologic findings are given. This research was done in order to establish the type of hypertrophy of posterior veil of the soft palate and uvula in a obstructive sleep apnea syndrome patient and snoring against the background obeseness. Two types of the adipose tissue of velum palatinum were determined: 1) local agglutination of the adipose tissue in shape of islands (it is pathognomonic for the 1-2 obeseness degree); 2) the dissection of muscular fibers by the adipose tissue on the separate groups (it is pathognomonic for the 3-4 obeseness degree). The development of glandular tissue in the palate in the shape of small muciparous and salivary glands (2/3 of the findings) and in the shape of big glands, which are situated in submucosal panniculus, with enlarged ducts, which are fulfilled with thick secretion.


Comparative possibilities of alternative biofeedback of a heart rythm for disadaptation reduction in students with cardiovascular disease

As a result of the research the dependence of disadatative disorders development in young students from the adaptive brain flexibility and from the character of hemodynamic strain on the cardiovascular system was established. Unsatisfactory adaptation is registered in 16.7% healthy students
of the first type, but a (nervous) breakdown and unsatisfactory disadaptation in 53% students with arterial hypertension and in 77.9% in students with Obstructive Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. In persons of the II type the distribution of the proportions of persons with satisfactory adaptation, the amount of arterial hypertension and Obstructive Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension compose 24.9%, 38.8%, 71.4%, respectively, and persons of the III type: 52.9%, 66.7%, and 46.6%. Alternative biofeedback of the heart rhythm decreases the percentage of persons with unsatisfactory adaptation and its breakdown up to the 11.3%. Moreover the steady normalization of arterial blood pressure in 80.6% of persons with arterial hypertension and in 65.3% persons with Obstructive Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. This effect is steady and remains for a long time.


The influence of different information types on the probabilistic neurodinamical structure of electroencephalography of hemisphere and students intellectual functioning

A study of neurodynamic structure of electroencephalography of science and mathematic specialties has shown that neurodynamic structure of electroencephalography features are of direct relevance to the intellectual functioning and characterized by sexual dimorphism. A very high intellectual work capacity was observed in mathematicians; moreover intellectual work capacity of young males is accompanied by alpha rhythm activity. Intellectual functioning level in a female mathematicians is supported by attention and memory concentration, as well as theta rhythm activation that indicates energetic and informational mobilization. Intellectual work capacity of biologists is lower than mathematicians have. Female intellectual work capacity is supported by highthroughput