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Calculation of integrated predictors of an adverse pregnancy obstetric and monitoring the situation

Developed, and the most significant risk factors for pregnancy complications, which are calculated on the basis of prognostic indices of health of pregnant women and newborn children; checked the possibility of using indices to predict the health of pregnant women and newborns from 850
women at high risk for complications of pregnancy. The study found that the prognostic criteria of the definition is fairly significant indices of the state of pregnant women and newborn, in order to plan and conduct necessary medical and preventive measures.


The influence of the metabolic syndrome on the formation rate оf the coronary heart disease in a patients with chronic оbstructive pulmonary disease

In the present article the peculiarities of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease were studied against the background of metabolic syndrome. It was established that metabolic syndrome in a pa-tients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can lead to the great risk elevation of cardiovascular pathology and in the first turn to the coronary heart disease in young people of the working age, accelerating the development of atherosclerosis at the average of 10 years.


Neurodynamic approach to the heart rhythm regulating mecanism during the long term adaptation period to different types of professional activity

Studying neurodynamic structure of EEG of the right hemisphere rhythmocardiogram of 474 testee persons with different combination of intellectual and physical work has shown that people with cortical dominance independently of the type of their activity have developed interactions between guidance loop of the heart rhythm; people with cortical limbic dominance have lower partaking cardio-inhibitor centre in heart rhythm regulating; people with limbic-cortical dominance have not sufficient homeostatic mechanism of intersystem heart rhythm regulation. People of the type II and III have shown dysfunctions of intersystem interactions in 6-10 employment term of brainwork; people of the type II – 11-15 years of physically demanding job, that is related to guidance loop of heart rhythm activation by means of neural and humoral influence in the first case, and deficiency of homeostatic reserves in the second case.