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Efficiency of organic forms of copper in feeding young pigs and the impact on histological structure of the small intestine, stomach and liver

In the scientific and economic experiment studied the effectiveness of feeding organic forms of copper in diets for pigs on the rearing. It is established that the inclusion in the ration of 20 g/t of copper in terms of pure element in the form of chelate compounds in the drug «Bioplex Copper» increases the gain and reduce feed consumption per unit of output.


Use the brain bioelectrical activity in modern biotechnical system variables management (btsu)

It was found that the performance characteristics and error-free forecast with the «hunt for the purpose of» how to relate to the type of neurodynamic structure of the EEG in both hemispheres, and with features of autonomic and psychophysiological correlates of activity. The high level of alpha activity is required for efficient operation of the hemispheres, while reducing that to the fore information and energy characteristics of the individual.


Effect of different duration of behavioral reaction photoperiod rats and features of preparation of correction melaxen

In this paper we studied the changes in behavioral responses of rats in different lighting conditions. Simulated malfunction photoperiodic brain system. The differences in the behavior of animals exposed to chronic light exposure and deprivation. The possibility of correction functions melaxen drug, which is a chemical analogue of the hormone melatonin.