Potassium humate effect on the rats’ reproductive system

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The article describes reactive changes in rats’ reproductive system as a result of potassium humate effect. The experiment involved 80 male and 32 female rats of one month of birth weighing 190-210 g. The animals were equally divided into 8 groups and received solution of potassium humate according to the group affiliation. Solution was prepared
on distilled water and was administered to animals intragastrically on a daily basis in accordance with the group affiliation and timing at a dose of 10 mg / 100 g body weight, 1 ml. The control animals received 1 ml of distilled water. The animals were daily monitored. The organs of the males and females reproductive system was assessed depending
on the duration of humate therapy. The experiment has showed that potassium humate therapy causes some effects on the rats reproductive system such as an increase of testes mass ratio; a reduction of pathological sperm cells; the females revealed decreased amounts of the atretic bodies and increased amount of the Graafian follicle in the ovaries. Depending on the potassium humate therapy duration, the females showed increased amount of corpora lutea and implantation sites per one female.

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  • O.N. Pavlova,
  • Samara Medical Institute «REAVIZ», 443001, Samara, st. Chapaevskaya, 227, candidate of biological sciences, assistant professor of natural sciences, e-mail: casiopeya13@mail.ru

  • O.N. Pinaeva
  • Samara Medical Institute «REAVIZ» 443001, Samara, st. Chapaevskaya, 227, candidate of biological sciences, associate professor of the department of biomedical sciences, e-mail: mail @mail.ru

  • T.V. Garipov
  • Kazan State Academy of Veterinary Medicine named after N.A. Bauman 420074, Kazan, st. Siberian highway, 35 doctor of veterinary science, head of the department of physiology and pharmacology, e-mail: Rufiya77@yandex.ru

  • V.V. Leonov
  • Samara Medical Institute «REAVIZ», 443001, Samara, st. Chapaevskaya, 227, laboratory assistant of the department of pathology and morphology