Blood rheology in tumor colonic obstruction patients in the immediate postoperative period

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Recent years, all the developed countries noted incidence rate of colon cancer. Among all cancer types, incidence of colorectal cancer is firmly on the third place and equal to 10 %. As a cause of cancer death, colon cancer is second only to lung cancer. In such patients, changes of the microcirculation in the immediate postoperative period plays equally important role. Herewith, the studies of the blood rheological properties as one of the microcirculation parameters is not enough covered in the scientific sources. To achieve this goal, we studied the rheological properties of the blood in 30 patients who had surgeries for tumor obstruction of the colon. In all patients, the tumor was localized in the right half of the colon. The study group included 17 (6.6 %) men and 13 (43.3 %) women. The average age was 57 ± 3 years. Time from the first clinical signs to admission at the hospital and start of the treatment and diagnostic procedures was 12 ± 0.5 hours. Disease stage was T3N0-1M0. The control group included 20 relatively healthy volunteers of the same age and sex. In order to assess the changes of the blood rheology, the investigators studied blood viscosity, changes of the erythrocytes deformation and aggregation rate. Blood viscosity was assessed by a rotational viscometer at the shear rates of 200; 100; 150; 50 and 20 c-1. The parameter was checked at the time of admission, and then on the first, third, fifth, seventh and tenth postoperative day. The study showed that patients with colonic obstruction have increased level
of the blood viscosity at the time of admission at all shear rates; the analyzed parameters increase on the third postoperative day, decrease on the seventh day and partially restored on the tenth day after the surgery. Complications occurred in 16.6 % of cases; all the patients developed pneumonia. Comparing the obtained laboratory data with the clinical picture, it was found out that complications developed on 3rd-5th postoperative day. At the moment of admission, the patients with colonic obstruction had increased level of the blood viscosity at all shear rates. The analyzed parameters increased on the third postoperative day, decreased to the seventh and partially restored to the tenth postoperative day. Key words: immediate postoperative period, blood rheological properties, colonic obstruction.

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